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Pit & Pita Logo


In 1997 our dearest characters Pit&Pita were born from the hand of M.Urgell. The original child designs, Pit with his blue dress and red bow tie and Pita with her pink dress and red head lace, were the start of a “family history” based on these sweet characters. In order to keep the attractiveness and freshness of the brand, the characters are renewed year on year.




We see Pit&Pita® as sweet babies, celebrating their birthdays, the First Communion, grow and get married. Furthermore, they also dress like a witch, ghost and vampire for the Halloween Trick or Treat, fall in love for Valentine's or even play the Nativity at Christmas time. They really have a very intense life from celebration to celebration!


The success of these characters lies on its timeless style and the fact that, due to their childish features, the bridegrooms, couples, children, everyone, fully identify with them. Get carried away by the charm of Pit&Pita, you won´t regret it!