Wooden Christmas tree 9x14,5cm

Wooden Christmas tree

Measures 9x14.5 cm.

Wood material


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Modern Christmas Trees made of 14.5cm wood. decorated in the interior in red and black. Available in two models. Perfect to decorate any room in the house or office and give it a Christmas touch. Ideal accessory to complement a Christmas gift and put it on a box of chocolates and give a friend, family member or client this holiday season. Assortments are sold in both models. It can be decorated with ribbons and chocolates that you will find in our Christmas catalog.
More Information
Product Name Wooden Christmas tree 9x14,5cm
Barcode 8435033292320
Product details 1 Característica destacada 1
Product details 2 Característica destacada 2
Product details 3 Característica destacada 3
Product details 4 Característica destacada 4
Product details 5 Característica destacada 5
Ancho (cm) 9
Alto (cm) 14,5
Fondo (cm) 4
Main material Madera
Secondary color Negro y salmón
Style Informal
Brand Mopec®
Number of units of the sales pack 2
Tipo relleno 1 TIPO DE RELLENO. Productos vacíos, dejar el campo sin rellenar
Tipo relleno 2 2ª TIPO DE RELLENO (si lleva dos distintos, por ejemplo expositrores surtidos) Productos vacíos, o en caso de no tener 2º relleno, dejar el campo vacío