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The sweetest Christmas with Mopec! thumbnail

The sweetest Christmas with Mopec!

Christmas is coming! The cold weather in the streets is in contrast with the warm atmosphere in the homes. The celebration is different in each country with traditions and rites, but some rules are constants all over the world: exchange of greetings and gifts, decorate the house with the tree, the crib, the lights, have some dinners with family and…

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The colors of fall are here! thumbnail

The colors of fall are here!

Autumn is a season full of color and beauty. The leaves on the trees change color and fall, the metamorphosis covers everything. Let yourself be inspired by the moment and gave a new look to your shop!

Do you need some tips? Mopec can help you with some ideas:

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Back to school! thumbnail

Back to school!

Return to school is an exciting time for many children, but can be tough for someone... Mopec has created a line for this occasion with many items useful at school. We want help parents to give a sweet present for their kids: for the one is that is happy and for the one that isn't so much  …

Transform your window in a sweet…

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Mopec's new winter collection thumbnail

Mopec's new winter collection

Discover the surprise of our new catalog for the autumn-winter season.

We are pleased to show you the autumn collection, a line dedicated to the colors and styles typical of this season. Discover the sweet and funny ideas we have to propose for Halloween & Christmas 2015. For an unforgettable Valentine`s day 2016 we have romantic and lovely…

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Halloween: 4 items for an impressive shop! thumbnail

Halloween: 4 items for an impressive shop!

Halloween is a celebration with ancient origins. In the US, children dress up as monsters and they go around asking "trick or treat", hoping to fill their baskets with sweets and candies. This holiday originally was a strictly religious, now has become a night of fun and "terrifying": witches, vampires, sweets, candy...

Over the years this…

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