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Halloween: 4 items for an impressive shop!

Halloween is a celebration with ancient origins. In the US, children dress up as monsters and they go around asking "trick or treat", hoping to fill their baskets with sweets and candies. This holiday originally was a strictly religious, now has become a night of fun and "terrifying": witches, vampires, sweets, candy...

Over the years this tradition has become very popular around the world, today is easy to find parties, and establishments decorated with colors and themes typical of Halloween.

We like to propose 4 items suitable for everybody, created to decorate shelves, counters and generate extra sales:


Display 24 Pit&Pita® Halloween puzzles 4 neapolitans.

Sweet and unique!

Funny display contains 24 boxes containing 4 Halloween chocolates puzzles Pit&Pita® line. This article is practical and useful, it will make the counter sale attractive and well-decorated and. The chocolate is milk extra fine 32% cocoa; the illustrations were created especially for this occasion.


Halloween small felt bag with 12 candies ghost/witch

Useful and decorative.

"Trick or treat" the famous line to say when you knock on the door of the neighbors on Halloween, with the hope to get many sweets. This bag is perfect for this "terrifying tour"! The article includes 12 fruit candies, a great delight for young customers. We recommend you to create a Halloween corner in his shop with other products form the collection; it will be noticed by everybody!


Display 24 Halloween sticks with box 8 candies


Colorful display with 24 Halloween decorative stick, each box contains 8 fruit candies. Each candy is wrapped in orange paper with different geometric patterns. The basket is wicker, the candies flavors are: strawberry, orange and lemon.




Make the difference with just little details. Those felt stickers can be used as a decoration in many ways. It`s easy to apply thanks to the sticker on the back. Halloween is coming! Get ready with articles and set up your shop with decorations created especially by Mopec, please visit our website