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The sweetest Christmas with Mopec!

Christmas is coming! The cold weather in the streets is in contrast with the warm atmosphere in the homes. The celebration is different in each country with traditions and rites, but some rules are constants all over the world: exchange of greetings and gifts, decorate the house with the tree, the crib, the lights, have some dinners with family and friends, eat candy, chocolates...

Mopec offers gifts and details for your clients, look at here you can find interesting ideas:


The Advent Calendar

Let`s start well the day!

There are many models to choose, we really like "Santa's face". It`s made in fabric, perfect for decorate kitchens, living rooms or bedrooms. Every morning pick up you the corresponding day and enjoy a delicious candy fruit. 




Bags and Baskets

The original packaging!

Christmas is sweet, and it will be even more with bags and baskets with Santa or snowmen design. All made in felt, perfect to keep gifts for family and friends or decorate corners of the house for an unforgettable Christmas.



Christmas is coming and your customers always expect the best ideas. Connects to our page and discover the new Christmas catalog.