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Pit&Pita motorbike tag

Pit&Pita motorbike tag

This original card with our Pit & Pita ® characters on a motorbike is a very useful complement to customize any of the products of this line. It can be used in other products or items to give them a festive, fun and personalized look. We can customize the two inner sides of the card in gold or silver letters. We usually write the bride and groom names and the wedding date, although it is a nice touch to add a phrase such as "Thanks for joining us."

The card is made of cardboard of 200 grams, printed in offset and is available in packs of 100 units.
Size (W x H): 6.4 (open) x 4 cm

Puzzle box 4 neapolitans Pit&Pita motorbike

Neapolitan Pit&Pita motorbike