Pencil boy Communion shorts 24cm. min.6

  • Pencil boy of Communion with shorts. Minimum 6 units
  • Detail for guests to the First Communion.
  • Design protected with coypright mopec. All rights reserved.


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These 24cm wooden pencils. of a child prepared to make Communion with shorts is perfect because it is a practical detail that the little ones can use at school and also serves as a souvenir.

The 2D wooden figure is attached to the pencil with a small spring that gives it mobility. It is a great element to decorate the details of Communion or as a present for the guests.

Design protected with copyright mopec. All rights reserved.

More Information
Product Name Pencil boy Communion shorts 24cm. min.6
Barcode 8435632803675
Ancho (cm) 2,3
Alto (cm) 24
Fondo (cm) 0,7
Código línea - Página 137
Número de unidades internas por unidad de venta 6
Número de unidades de venta por palet 1008

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