Beige palm leaf fan

  • Beige palm leaf fan
  • It measures approximately 29x30 cm
  • Minimum 5 units
  • Detail for wedding guests


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Beige palm leaf fan to give to the wedding guests. It is an accessory that is very fashionable in marriage links for the guests to fan themselves during the celebration.

It has a small circular handle that makes it very easy to hold and allows it to be hung anywhere while not in use.

It can also be used as a decorative accessory to decorate tables or any corner that you want to give a natural and sophisticated touch.

In our catalog you will also find it adorned with a bouquet of flowers that in turn acts as card holders or note holders. Undoubtedly a very original option as placemarks on the table or to add a personalized card with the name of the couple and the date of the wedding.

Each fan measures approximately 29x30cm. They are sold with a minimum of 5 units.

More Information
Product Name Beige palm leaf fan
Barcode 8435033273909
Family BODA
Product details 1 Approximate measures: 29x30cm
Product details 2 Palm leaf
Product details 3 The leaves are braided in the shape of a spike
Ancho (cm) 29
Alto (cm) 30
Fondo (cm) 2
Main material Hoja de Palma
Secondary material Hoja de Palma
Main color Marrón
Secondary color Marrón
Collection Bodas
Number of units of the sales pack 5
Código línea - Página 41
Número de unidades internas por unidad de venta 5
Número de unidades de venta por palet 350

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